27 Jun


Any beer lover – whether of craft beer or otherwise – is familiar with Bierol. The “handcrafted” Tyrolean beer business has been a pioneering spirit on this dynamic scene ever since 2014. The “beer anarchists” from Schwoich set themselves the

10 Jan

Brauerei Hofstetten

The Brauerei Hofstetten was first mentioned in written records in around 1449 – old enough to go down in history as the oldest brewery in Austria and deserving of an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Almost 200 years

7 Jan

Forstner Bräu

In 2000, the small town of Kalsdorf, south of Graz, became home to a remarkable brewery today known as the Handbrauerei Forstner (formerly the Hof-Bräu Kalsdorf). Former optician and organic farmer Gerhard Forster has brewed some of the best and

1 Jan

Toni Bräu

Erika Hofer has been brewing one of Austria’s most natural beers since 2002, with strong support from her family. The beer “Toni Bräu” is produced in the small town of Ebersdorf, and avoids filtration and pasteurisation in the production process.

27 Jun

Weissacher Tälesbräu

Swabian beer factory Weissacher Tälesbräu is an authentic craft beer start-up. Big plans and ambitious goals. And really great beer. An enterprise that we are proud to be on board with.

27 Jun

Zwettler Brewery

The Zwettler private brewery was first mentioned in records back in 1708. Ever since then, the Waldviertel region has seen much successful beer-brewing. This brewery positions itself as an authentic private brewery and a “insubordinate delicatessen” against the big industrial

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