3 Mar

Bottle Light

As you can see, the last few months have seen quite a few changes. And to keep everybody abreast of this, we sent a “Bottle Light” to all our clients to kick off the new Cristallo Unico campaign. A “Bottle Light”? Yes, you read that right. So what it is?

Quite simple: It’s a printed bottle with an LED cork light that is easy to charge using a USB port. The direct printing on the glass combined with the light effect turn an ordinary bottle from the Cristallo range into a unique designer object. It shows how we at Cristallo can make even more out of simple ingredients. By the way, we love it when our mailing is not only appreciated by clients, but also used by some as a very beautiful decorative piece on their own dining table.


The individual bottle? We create your very own bespoke bottle.
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