15 Jan

Promotional bottle

Big bottle – great effect!

We’ve been looking into this for a very long time. Large bottles in small quantities. Nothing looks cooler than a big bottle for pouring your drink. It makes an arresting impression particularly at events, and the product soon takes centre stage for press photos. But at the end of the day, large bottles aren’t used for every product. Some simply aren’t suitable for three litres or more, and others just look very unusual. But boy, does it look great. As a demo feature, large bottles always grab the attention. And that’s precisely why we started looking for a way to implement large bottles in minimum quantities.

You’ve guessed it: we succeeded. We’re pretty proud of this, as you can imagine. As of January 2015 we can now make large bottles to order, complete with all our customary finesse. We can even offer all the seemingly infinite finishing touches familiar from our CRISTALLO UNICO project. And now for the blockbuster.

All this from the following minimum quantity: one
Yes, that’s right. Single bottles. Whether as an exclusive gift or a special fill for a promotional event, it’s not a problem. Perhaps one of your partners wants to use your large bottles as decoration, or a restaurant wants to cast a spotlight on their product. We can now fulfil your requests easily and flexibly. As we said, we’re pretty proud to be able to help our clients in this way.


The individual bottle? We create your very own bespoke bottle.
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