16 Jan

– Finishing touches –

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the creative process for your product comes to an end when you choose the right bottle shape. Quite the opposite: the final polish and all those little extra details influence your product’s image

27 Jun

Aeijst Gin

We are delighted to assist home-grown partners too. The AEIJST Distillery can also be found in our range. The project from the Thomann house stands out for its high degree of purity.  

27 Jun

Blind Tiger Gin

We are particularly proud of our partnership with BLIND TIGER. This Belgian spirit is sold in one of the most complex bottles, which we have had a hand in developing. In the meantime, there’s hardly a single trendy bar in

10 Jan

Brauerei Hofstetten

The Brauerei Hofstetten was first mentioned in written records in around 1449 – old enough to go down in history as the oldest brewery in Austria and deserving of an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Almost 200 years

27 Jun

Delivasilis oils

When specialities are so special that it’s almost impossible to find anything about them online, then they really are an insider’s tip. Delivasilis Oils is the name of one such product. The purest olive oil – it almost couldn’t get

17 Jan

Dry Gin

Passionate chefs are true connoisseurs. Harald Keckeis is one such chef who, a good 10 years ago, decided to open his own distillery to make fine aromatic brandies for gourmets. Thanks to his untiring commitment and some good old-fashioned hard

27 Jun

Duin Gin

Mr. Swing – the name says it all with this high-class Belgian gin. The client’s special glass requirements have made this project a real treat.

27 Jun

Herist vineyard

The HERIST vineyard is a somewhat less than well-kept secret among vineyards. Wine has been family-produced in the south of the Burgenland region since 1978.  

27 Jun


What we found we bring before you. Arabic alchemy in its purest form. A crystal clear and potent liquid, the juniper berry potion, that mends body and soul. HIS`N`HERS created by Handler of Unusual.

14 Jan


Neudörfl in the Burgenland region is a place the locals are particularly proud of. Characterised by the hilly foothills of the Alps and already forming part of the Pannonian basin (a special climate zone), the Rosalia region offers the ideal

27 Jun

Kaiser Gin

The Mohr-Sederl Fine Distillery is one of the latest clients to use our bottles for their spirit. The flexibility and uniqueness of our range proved key for this speciality.

27 Jun

Platzhirsch Vodka

A vodka that even has its own bar. Or is that the other way round? We’re not actually sure. Whatever the case, you’ll find this high-proof beast in the exclusive habitat of the capital’s night life.

27 Jun

Schauer vineyard

Schauer vineyard – a name synonymous with typical regional wines from the Styrian Sausal. And Stefan & Bernhard Schauer wanted their bottles as typical as his wines.  

27 Jun

Thaller vineyard

The Thaller family has worked 25 hectares for more than 30 years at their very own little palace. Karl Thaller is pretty much Styria’s pioneer of red wine. He was already using tanning compounds when others were still committed to

27 Jun


Tomami needs 4 kg of tomatoes for 240 ml of its “Tomato Seasoning Revolution”. And even if you can’t quite picture what that is, think of this: a whole heap of tomatoes gently reduced to create a product that will

27 Jun

Wiesmeier organic orchard

Specialising in apple growing, the Obsthof Wiesmeier was established in 2008. In the meantime, the range of organically manufactured products has expanded considerably. Excellent reason to surpass the range of packaging. So that’s when we stepped in.  

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