23 May

Bio Planete

The Oil Mill Moog is the home of Bio Planète Oil. True organic pioneers, as Moog Oil Mill has borne the title of “first organic oil mill” since 1984. “For over 35 years, we have exclusively used organically grown oil

27 Jun

Delivasilis oils

When specialities are so special that it’s almost impossible to find anything about them online, then they really are an insider’s tip. Delivasilis Oils is the name of one such product. The purest olive oil – it almost couldn’t get

30 Dec

Fandler natural oil

The Fandler oil mill in Pöllau looks back on a family tradition spanning nine decades. Ninety years is plenty of time to master a handicraft, perhaps even to revolutionise it a little. Particularly when the secret to producing the perfect

1 Jan

Kiendler seed oil

The Kiendler family has been producing seed oil in their traditional mill for over 300 years. Their experience is evident in every mouthful, and is reflected in the products’ high quality standards and natural flavour. As a regional business, they

16 Jan

Lavender oil

Ever since 2006, Johannes Pinterits is to be found every October and November on the vast saffron fields in Klingenbach in the Burgenland region. Together with the “Pannonischer Safran” working community, he is there to revive an old Austrian tradition,

23 Oct

Sairet Gourmet Dressing

The Algunder Alpine Dairy in South Tyrol came to us with an idea for a glass bottle for their whey dressing. The cooperative they are part of has been around for over 100 years; member farms are located at an

27 Jun

Sannis Oils

Cold-pressed organic linseed oil, GM-free and from Austria – that’s what SANNIS stands for. For a product in which health is the priority, only glass packaging will serve.

10 Jan

Siddi Yassine

The argan tree is one of the oldest trees in the world. Its yellow fruits thrive in the hot sun of south-western Morocco until they reach the desired ripeness. The Moroccan-Swiss couple Meryiem and Ulysses Müller-Bougaizi, however, isn’t after the

27 Jun

Terra Rossa Croatia

High-quality oils belong in equally high-quality bottles, a fact long understood by the Bellani family. And now they have also filled their premium oils in very special bottles too. More specifically, in our OLEA DOP.

27 Jun


Tomami needs 4 kg of tomatoes for 240 ml of its “Tomato Seasoning Revolution”. And even if you can’t quite picture what that is, think of this: a whole heap of tomatoes gently reduced to create a product that will

30 Dec

VoiGuat grape seed oil

What happens when an engineer buys a farm in southern Styria? Exactly: he brings two more engineers with him and founds a company under the powerful name of “VoiGuat” to produce high-quality cooking oils. What, never heard anything like it?

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