12 Jan

Bioweingut Zillinger

Healthy vines grow on healthy soil. For more than 30 years now, the organic vineyard Zillinger in Velm-Götzendorf has trusted this principle and the results speak for themselves. Natural green areas, home-made compost used as fertiliser and Nature left in

23 Oct

Eruptions Wine Bottle

The well-known association of South Austrian Eruption wine sites was on the hunt for its own bespoke bottle. As befits the image of this established wine region, the UNICO process came up with a unique wine bottle that perfectly expresses

18 Jan

Groszer Wine

You don’t often hear of an out-of-towner talking about preserving the traditions of a region they don’t come from. Especially not when that person is a businessman. Salzburg-born Matthias Krön, however, purchased the old vineyard “Vinum Ferreum” in Eisenberg in

27 Jun

Herist vineyard

The HERIST vineyard is a somewhat less than well-kept secret among vineyards. Wine has been family-produced in the south of the Burgenland region since 1978.  

14 Jan


Neudörfl in the Burgenland region is a place the locals are particularly proud of. Characterised by the hilly foothills of the Alps and already forming part of the Pannonian basin (a special climate zone), the Rosalia region offers the ideal

7 Jan

Kollwentz – Gloria

The Kollwentz vineyard in the Burgenland region has been family-run since 1775. This long-established Austrian vintner is now one of the most award-winning vineyards in the country. Given its long tradition, it is not surprising to find that Anton Kollwentz

16 Jan

Kollwentz – Eichkogel

Following the simple credo “historical locations, traditional handicraft and limited production”, great wines have been produced in the Kollwentz vineyard since 1775. Furthermore, the family-run winery in Großhöflein is among the most award-winning vineyards in the country. Anton Kollwentz managed

30 Jan

KRISPEL – Bohème Rosé

“Krispel Bohème Rosé” is a refined wine from the prestigious Krispel winery that reflects the passion and craftsmanship of the winery in every drop. This rosé is a true masterpiece that enchants the senses with its delicate color and delicate

30 Jan

Krispel – Wermut

The Krispel vermouth is a tribute to the art of distillation and the passion for first-class wines and aromas. The unique style of the Krispel winery also comes to life in this vermouth and in its packaging. A perfect combination

27 Jun

Prieler vineyard

20 hectares on Schützener Stein in the heart of a conservation area – the site of the Prieler family ‘s labours for over 150 years. “Nature sets the pace” is the motto at the Prieler establishment. Year after year, the

27 Jun

Rainer Wess vineyard

Those who make wine at an address steeped in history such as “KREMSER SANDGRUBE” (Sandgrube terraces in Krems) may justifiably call themselves a “traditional vineyard” even though the business is still young. Rainer Wess founded his winery in 2003 and

27 Jun

Schauer vineyard

Schauer vineyard – a name synonymous with typical regional wines from the Styrian Sausal. And Stefan & Bernhard Schauer wanted their bottles as typical as his wines.  

14 Jan


In the mid 1990s, Uwe Schiefer decided that his days as a sommelier and waiter in Vienna were numbered. He attended the wine academy in Rust and tried his hand as a vintner in the Südburgenland region. He has been

27 Jun

Stadt Krems vineyard

In operation for over 550 years, the vineyard in the town of Krems is one of Europe’s oldest winegrowing businesses. Significant, then, that even such a traditional business at this (Krems is also in the select circle of traditional vineyards)

27 Jun

Stagård vineyard

You can comfortably describe Urban Stagård as one of the “Junge Wilde”. But he still works at a vineyard that used to be known rather more as a “Heuriger” (this year’s wine).Its uncompromising quality standards and great adherence to the

27 Jun

Thaller vineyard

The Thaller family has worked 25 hectares for more than 30 years at their very own little palace. Karl Thaller is pretty much Styria’s pioneer of red wine. He was already using tanning compounds when others were still committed to

6 Apr

Weinmanufaktur Clemens Strobl

Originally in marketing, Linz-based Clemens Strobl has been a successful winegrower since 2009. Reducing his success to good advertising, however, wouldn’t be doing justice to this champion of organic winegrowing. Strobl is a winegrower out of pure passion and is

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