27 Jun

Aeijst Gin

We are delighted to assist home-grown partners too. The AEIJST Distillery can also be found in our range. The project from the Thomann house stands out for its high degree of purity.  

21 Oct


“Pannonian” is how you might describe the Baerenman wine site, located as it is in the former Roman province of Pannonia between the Austrian Alps and the Hungarian lowlands. The company has dedicated itself to the production of high-calibre spirits

30 Jan

BASILISK Basel Dry Gin

Basilisk Basel Dry Gin, a daring idea of two gin lovers, Patrick Lauber and Tobias Gerschwiler, has developed into Basel’s best-known gin. The use of typical spices from traditional Basel cuisine gives Basilisk Basel Dry Gin the characteristic touch of

23 Oct

Bavarian Rum

The Lantenhammer Distillery was the client for this project. The team from this inter-generational company describes itself as “creative minds producing pure quality day after day”. We can certainly attest to that fact! The people and the idyllic location above

13 Jan

BB Gin

Who can claim to have filled the first “Made in Austria” whisky? Well, the Haider family from the Waldviertel region can. Fascinated by the fine rye distillate, in 1995 the company decided to open the first whisky distillery in Austria

27 Jun

Blind Tiger Gin

We are particularly proud of our partnership with BLIND TIGER. This Belgian spirit is sold in one of the most complex bottles, which we have had a hand in developing. In the meantime, there’s hardly a single trendy bar in

17 Apr

Bonny & Clyde

There are probably dozens of tributes to the world’s most famous gangster couple Bonnie & Clyde. But none of them probably tastes as good as the one from the Deluxe Distillery. This is the origin of gin pair “Bonnie &

17 Jan

Dry Gin

Passionate chefs are true connoisseurs. Harald Keckeis is one such chef who, a good 10 years ago, decided to open his own distillery to make fine aromatic brandies for gourmets. Thanks to his untiring commitment and some good old-fashioned hard

27 Jun

Duin Gin

Mr. Swing – the name says it all with this high-class Belgian gin. The client’s special glass requirements have made this project a real treat.

13 Jun


A distillate made from black tea? Yep, that’s the essence of FARADAI. A bespoke bottle from our house provides the appropriate packaging for this completely new style of drink. In addition to the exciting black tea base, the blossoms of

14 Jan

Feindestillerie Hochstrasser

Specialisation is what aids perfection – and this is also the case for the Destillerie Hochstrasser. The family opened the doors to its first distillery plus guesthouse, vineyard and farm in Mooskirchen back in 1930. Now, three generations later, the

6 Apr

Funky Pump Gin

Mario Huber knows his craft. The master distiller at Lechtaler Haussegen has been producing outstanding fine brandies in the small community of Elbigenalp in the region of Tyrol since way back. To develop the Funky Pump gin, however, he took

30 Jan

Ginnlich – Hamburg Dry Gin

This exclusive dry gin is not only a pleasure for the palate, but also a statement for sustainability and quality.

30 Jan

Graz Gin

  Graz makes really good gin. This is proven by the masterful creation of Home of Spirits and Aeijst. Graz Gin combines urban charm with Mediterranean flavors to create a unique gin experience. The inspiration for this aromatic and spicy

21 Mar

Green Hell

The Nordschleife of the Nürburgring is considered one of the most treacherous racing tracks in the world: this winding route has cost a number of racers their lives since it opened in 1927. Niki Lauda suffered his horrific fiery accident

27 Jun


What we found we bring before you. Arabic alchemy in its purest form. A crystal clear and potent liquid, the juniper berry potion, that mends body and soul. HIS`N`HERS created by Handler of Unusual.

27 Jun

Kaiser Gin

The Mohr-Sederl Fine Distillery is one of the latest clients to use our bottles for their spirit. The flexibility and uniqueness of our range proved key for this speciality.

30 Jan


“Keliro” doesn’t only offers excellent taste, but also has a strong focus on sustainability. This special product is a real statement of environmental awareness and quality.

29 Mar

Mary White

Sophie Gheysens and Thomas Baert are among the crème de la crème of the Belgian spirits industry ‒ and the same also goes for their products. These two work their magic at the Deluxe Distillery in the Belgian town of

30 Jan

Mundart Kaiserstuhl Dry Gin

“Mundart Dry Gin” is an exclusive distillate from the Mundart Distillery. This unique gin is carefully produced by hand and is characterized by its special quality and authenticity. Only the finest ingredients are used in the production of Mundart Dry

21 Oct


 Adventurous, multi-faceted, and creative: the Swiss Liquid Spirit Distillery truly is no ordinary gin producer. With a nose for the extraordinary and a deep love of regionalism, the nginious! team is always tinkering with new recipes that will give their

15 Jan

Perfection neat

In 1998 the Zweiger family decided to convert the cellars of a one hundred-year-old stable in the rural Mooskirchen area into a modern distillery. This was the birth of many fine brandies and liqueurs. Their blend of traditional handicraft and

23 Oct

Pfanner Williams

“Spirits of elegant purity, combining an intense bite with delicate harmony, and with a typically fruity character. That is the fine art of spirits and exquisite specialities.” Those are the words of the Pfanner Private Distillery. Telling us everything we

27 Jun

Platzhirsch Vodka

A vodka that even has its own bar. Or is that the other way round? We’re not actually sure. Whatever the case, you’ll find this high-proof beast in the exclusive habitat of the capital’s night life.

29 Mar


Less is more. That’s what Tim Lamm and Johannes Weigl, the brains behind R[h]eingin (a play on the German word for “pure” ‒ rein‒ and the Rhine), had in mind when they decided to start making gin. These two Düsseldorfers

23 Oct

Rick Gin

“Rick” is a premium organic gin. Pure craftsmanship using purely organic ingredients. Only the finest quality raw materials and contents may be used in a Rick Gin. The company places strong emphasis on origin (everything is regional) and sustainability. Rick

23 Apr

Ron Elba

Rum from the far north of Germany; can it be good for anything? Oh yes, and then some. In April 2017, a process engineer and a legal scholar released a rum after two years in development, which comes entirely without

30 Jan

Roots – Sweet Potato Vodka

Roots Vodka embodies the fusion of closeness to nature and innovative spirit. The vision of founder Franz Lehner led to the creation of the first Austrian premium vodka made from organic sweet potatoes. In addition to its quality, the special

22 Mar


Stroh Rum is probably the best-known spirits brand in Austria and renowned far beyond its borders too. Stroh products are available in over 40 countries; the Inländer rums in particular are indispensable in virtually every kitchen for a variety of

31 Jan


“STU GIN” is a very special gin that is produced exclusively for the SK Sturm Graz soccer club. This gin combines a passion for soccer with the enjoyment of a high-quality gin and is a real highlight for fans and

30 Jan

The Scientist Gin

The Scientist Gin combines scientific expertise and a passion for gin. After years of research in genetics and hematology, founder Dr. Carotta discovered his love for gin. The company aims to produce as environmentally friendly as possible. The Scientist Gin

17 Apr

Weidenauer Whisky

For three generations, “hard liquor” has been produced at the Weidenauer family farm in the Lower Austrian town of Leopold (Waldviertel). While grandfather and father distilled exclusively for their own purposes, Oswald Weidenauer turned his passion for distilling into a

27 Jun

Wiesmeier organic orchard

Specialising in apple growing, the Obsthof Wiesmeier was established in 2008. In the meantime, the range of organically manufactured products has expanded considerably. Excellent reason to surpass the range of packaging. So that’s when we stepped in.  

7 Jan

Williams Birne Schnapps

You can’t beat the taste of home-made. The Tinnauer vineyard follows this principle in products ranging from wine to bread, making all the dishes on their menu. They only use produce from regional farmers, or their own. Delicious, natural products

5 Nov


Seeking a self-determined way of life, three connoisseurs teamed up to found “Windspiel” in Germany’s mountainous Eifel region in 2008. The rest, as they say, is German spirits history ‒ and there’s really nothing else like it. As proven by

30 Jan

Yusibi – Honey Based Aperitif

„Yusibi – Honey Based Aperitif“ ” is an exclusive treat from the Deluxe Distillery. This aperitif is characterized by its unique combination of honey and exquisite ingredients that offer an unforgettable taste experience.

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